Sober Living in Leominster, MA

If you believe a single stint in rehab is all anyone needs to stay clean and sober, please think again. While many people do manage to step right back in their day today life post-rehab, just as many find it in their best interest to spend time at a halfway house. If you or someone you love is about to check out of rehab, you'll want to know more about sober living in Leominster, MA.

What Is Sober Living?

In the most basic sense, sober living is when a group of people shares living quarters with one or more recovery coaches. Sometimes called a "halfway house," a sober living community offers a safe and supportive, homelike environment where residents endeavor together to resist temptations while strengthening their resolve and recovery.

The transition from drug or alcohol rehab in Leominster back to life can be perilous, especially in the earliest weeks and months of recovery. A sober living recovery house offers people in recovery a solid start for the rest of their lives. Many people check into sober living treatment centers because their usual home is not a supportive place to stop using drugs or drinking.

Many sober living communities provide in-house 12-step meetings based on the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some offer SMART Recovery self-help programs that guide sober living roommates on the road back to ‘civilian' life. SMART Recovery gives tools and philosophies to help alcoholics and addicts manage their thoughts and behaviors, cope with their little and not so little problems, and lead a healthier, more balanced life.

The principles of recovery programs help millions of people deal with all sorts of addictions, including cocaine addiction, opiate addiction, gambling addiction, alcohol abuse, and prescription drug abuse in Leominster.

How Long Will You Stay?

Some people set up residence in a halfway house for a few weeks. Some stay for many months and still others choose to live permanently in a sober living treatment center. The duration of your residence at a halfway house depends on how long you were addicted and the intensity of your addiction.

What to Expect in a Sober Living Community

A sober living recovery halfway house is a place where you will find camaraderie, friendship, and support. Housemates share the chores and prepare and eat meals together while boosting each other's morale.

Isolation is not an option in the structured recovery-focused environment of a sober living house. If you move into in a sober house, you will always have an understanding friend to talk to. In fact, many lifelong friendships begin at a halfway house.

Rules in a Sober Living House?

Some people compare a sober living community to live in a college dorm with just a few more rules pertaining to curfew and things that are and are not allowed in the home. House rules are in place to ensure a temptation-free environment where drinking and drugging are prohibited. This kind of organized household offers a protective atmosphere where people work together away from the influence of liquor and mind-altering substances.

Aside from psychiatric and addiction medications that are prescribed by a doctor, no drugs are allowed in a sober living recovery house. Life in a halfway house can be delightful, but it's important to remember that the focus of the group home is to live well without drug and alcohol abuse. It might take weeks, it might take months, but however long it takes, recovery and a healthier life are well worth the effort.

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